The Great Circle

The Universal Brotherhood ~ The Integral Fellowship

The Mahacakra ~ The Universal Brotherhood

The Mahacakra, the Great Circle, is not one of the countless organizations and associations into which mankind is divided, but is rather the invisible bond that links together all organizations, associations, religions, philosophies, and other elements of terrestrial Humanity, into one stupendous and harmonious whole.

It should not be looked upon as a mere individual society or brotherhood, separate from all others, but as the Great Circle of the Macrocosm, with all creatures as its periphery and God Himself as its center. The great masses of mankind, together with all the living and non-living creatures lower than man, are to be considered as Sleeping Brothers or Sisters of the Great Circle.

All persons sincerely aspiring towards the Divine, towards goodness, or truth or beauty or virtue, in any way and along any path, are to be looked upon as Aspirants or Conscious brothers or sisters.

The Great Circle ~ The Mahacakra

The Great Circle, The Mahacakra, represents the Universal Wisdom of all lands and ages gathered into the unity of the Integral Macrocosmic Idea, and at the same time the living and fully developed form of the Primordial Wisdom communicated by the Higher Powers to the progenitors of the human race, of which all other ancient wisdoms were broken and mutilated fragments. Thus, this Wisdom represents a new and universal Teaching.

It is new for the very reason that it is the oldest of all; and it is the oldest of all for the very reason that it will remain until the end of time the newest of all. It is both the oldest and newest of all teachings for the very reason that it represents the Absolute Universal Truth, which is above and below, before and after, in and out of, all space, all time, and all motion.

The Zeitgeist, or spirit of the times, as such, represents the resurgence of Nature into the higher realms of Spirit, the hunger, on the spiritual planes, of matter for new forms which is the most striking characteristic of Nature. The Zeitgeist is a force causing conviction by example, by suggestion, and by contagion, but is very far from being a reasonable criterion of truth.

The Ewigkeitsgeist

The Great Teaching is animated, on the contrary, by the Ewigkeitsgeist, the spirit of eternity, or spirit as such, which is serene and changeless, above space and time and motion, and which is the Lord of matter, and, in and to Nature, the vice-regent of the Eternal. Although the voice of the Ewigkeitsgeist, the Teaching has a place of its own in the order of public historic manifestation, it belongs to the twenty-first century.

The Mahacakra in its outer, organized form is simply an instrumentality for systematically cooperating with the Eternal for the realization of that Perfect Order and Supreme Perfection which are, esoterically viewed sub species Aeternitatis, inviolable and inevitable, but which mankind as a whole, so far as is in its power, has either fallen away from or failed to attain, to the inconceivable detriment both of individuals and of the race.

Since the organized Mahacakra exists, not for itself, but for Humanity, for the Macrocosm, and for the Divinity, it should not only carry out, both individually and collectively, within itself, the great Macrocosmic laws of unity and order and harmony, of aspiration, fellowship and cooperation, of beauty and truth and goodness, but should endeavor to promote the perfect consummation of these in all the environment.